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RED BLUES: A night of caring & sharing – Dec.19, 2009

More and more people died from AIDS. But, how much do we know? Have we understood completely about HIV/AIDS?

Have we taken part in creating stigma & discrimination towards people living with HIV/AIDS?

Come to the night of caring and sharing: RED BLUES. Here we can ask the experts and listen to a testimony to help us understand more of HIV/AIDS and its issues. Then, hopefully next, we know better what action to take.

“Let’s talk about HIV/AIDS because WE CARE”.


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Farewell Concert:: Ed Eddy & Residivis

Ed Eddy & Residivis

Ed Eddy & Residivis has been known as a band with their songs inspired by daily happenings. Their debut album, “Lagu Kita Orang Indonesia“, was finally released in April 2008.

Two of their songs, “Kronologi Pistol & Amunisi” (The Chronology of Pistol and Ammunition), which is about the reckless use of firearms,  and “Anjing” (literally translated as dogs), their most controversial song about cops mistaken as street thugs, displeased the police and made Ed Eddy and his “partner-in-crime”, Igo, being sued. Both of them had to face a long drawn battle in court. Although Eddy and Igo always stated that the songs were not meant to insult the police, that they didn’t call the police as dogs, or use swearing word like ‘doggone it!’ or maybe ‘damn!’ for the police, the way they sing could carry various interpretations. As the result, judges found them guilty and sentenced them with a one year probation despite the trial drew protest from supporters of right to freedom of speech in Bali.

This concert, entitled ‘Aku Tak Sedih‘ (I’m Not Sad) will be the band’s farewell concert as the lead singer, Ed Eddy, will leave for Australia for good. Here Ed Eddy & Residivis will be featuring three other bands: de Buntu, Day After The Rain, and Dilla.


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Forrest Idol: 29 Jul’09

forrest-idol-karaoke Ah, it’s time to go CRAZY!! Come and sing with us at our karaoke day, let’s choose our King & Queen , who are gonna be forrest IDOL first season. Bring your own CDs if you can’t handle our collections 😀 Dress up nice and perform your best. If you are a singer, you can join the competition, but you can’t sing in your own genre. (Kalau kamu penyanyi, ngga boleh bawain lagu jenis sendiri harus lagu jenis lain yang berlawanan)
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White Shoes & The Couples Company: 12 July’09

white-shoes-and-the-couples-company-bali Stay tuned to Oz Radio Bali 101.2 FM on Sunday at 12 noon for their interview. Talkshow & Showcase. Meet and greet White Shoes & The Couples Company and their manager, Indra Ameng on Sunday afternoon, 12 July 2009 @ forrestClub. Merchandise & CD’s Available for sale.

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Chromatic Forest : 10 July’09

Stylish Nonsense (Thailand)
Free-flow, improvised electro with a splash of lounge-pop and jazzy je ne sais quoi. One of Bangkok’s finest acts, this drum and analog keyboard duo is not to be missed…

Muon (Singapore)
Lush instrumental landscapes a la Mogwai or Godspeed You Black Emperor! These two men and their machines create a blissed-out racket most divine

Elena Skoko (Croatia) meets DJ Electrondust (Bali)
Expressionist spoken words on Acid (House). Think Lydia Lunch speeding through Detroit in a (convertible) spaceship.

Navicula (Bali)
The lost Denpasar chapter of the Sub Pop Single’s Club. Folksy anthems, flying the flannel of ’90s alt-rock revivalism and … electric accordions!
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