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Chromatic Forest : 10 July’09

Stylish Nonsense (Thailand)
Free-flow, improvised electro with a splash of lounge-pop and jazzy je ne sais quoi. One of Bangkok’s finest acts, this drum and analog keyboard duo is not to be missed…

Muon (Singapore)
Lush instrumental landscapes a la Mogwai or Godspeed You Black Emperor! These two men and their machines create a blissed-out racket most divine

Elena Skoko (Croatia) meets DJ Electrondust (Bali)
Expressionist spoken words on Acid (House). Think Lydia Lunch speeding through Detroit in a (convertible) spaceship.

Navicula (Bali)
The lost Denpasar chapter of the Sub Pop Single’s Club. Folksy anthems, flying the flannel of ’90s alt-rock revivalism and … electric accordions!

Hosted by: Nur Aniza & Rudolf Dethu
Free! No cover charge

Friday, July 10th
7 – 11 PM
Forest Club at Suicide Glam Clubhouse
Renon, Denpasar

For more info, call 0812 36 440 446

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