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About Us

After the successful completion of its one-year programme (Phase 1) launched in 2009 aimed at empowering the youth through arts, Forrest Club (FC) now returns with new sets of activities in Phase 2. If previously FC was an informal organization, since mid 2015, Forrest Club officially becomes an implementing unit of Krishnalila Foundation (KLF) and its focus remains for the youth.

During Phase 1, FC has been able to bridge communications between clustered communities in Denpasar (Bali), where today, the previously dis-united communities become united, join a common social movement, and its programs still keep being adopted. Forrest Club programs’ ideas have been developed by local, national, and international institutions/entities/organizations. There have been so many friends and partners who/which have helped developed the activities to be a great success, which Forrest Club is grateful for.

Through Phase 1 lessons have been learned about attitudes needed to maintain or create a peaceful atmosphere in a region, which could be implemented as an approach in conflict resolution. The youth are the hope; they/we are future of our nation. Investing in the youth means investing in the country’s sustainable development. Based on these and after five years of thinking and observing, Phase 2 thus is created.

Schools as formal agency for education need partners in creating learning opportunities, i.e. job-specific knowledge and practical skills to nurture the youth’s empowerment and their ability to survive in the future. Forrest Club through Phase 2 aims to be that partner.

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