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Kapitan Karim’s PIRATE PARTY: 8 May’09

kapitan karim

Pirates, Outlaws and Pariahs of Bali Island! You are all invited to party like there is no tomorrow in celebration of Kapitan Karim’s 5th Birthday.

All-night entertainment by, among others, the Buntungs, Captain Danky and crew, Igo the Blado, Bad Eddy and Residivis and other badass musicians.

The party will be hosted by the fabulous, most dazzling,
Kapitan Karim’s Papa and Mama.

Dress code: scariest grimace and best outlaw outfit.

Time: 07:30 PM – 11:00 PM


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Forresters Sundaze : 22 April’09

In fact, it was our grand opening…. and it was a wonderful Sunday….


Madmade brought his specialty of Ribs and Chicken BBQ, umm yummy… Jazz Fire was in his mood entertaining us with his stunning talent: the fire-dance…fire dance

And then, two music talents grabbed the mike as night falls:

the Rooster – Fitra & friends,

Patrick the Bastard –  it was their first gig!patrick the bastard

followed by their seniors:

Alfa Jerk – a new band formation of Made & Gembul Navicula with their star singer from our neighbouring country

de Buntu – with the ‘yodeleihihuuu’….. made everybody laugh and love their unique performance de buntu

ZIO – yes, the same gorgeous Zio of Dialog Dini Hari


Dialog Dini Hari – Dadang, Zio & Denny … (they are in fact the host as well), who cheered the night


and our guest rock star from Belgium: Made Jay, he swell with his play by midnite on the silver guitar….

Thank you very much, all… for the great support… especially ANTIDA for the great sound and Dadang for being a good MC and host …. see u again, soon!

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